Stories I have written




____The Legend of Wild Bill’s Hiccups,  A stranger comes to a sleepy little cowtown looking for a cure for his hiccups. With the aide of the townsfolk he tries many different cures. Will one be the cure that Wild Bill is looking for? Length: 800 words


____Ten Pigs In a Tree,  A farmer finds a funny sight in his tree. A rhyming counting book about pigs who like to climb a tree. Length: 350 words


____Amelia The Princess Knight,  A little princess who, despite  the objections of her father, the king, wants to become a sword wielding Knight.  Dressed in a beggars cloak she enters an archery contest against the young noble page’s and wins. Her father makes her an honorary Knight. Length:1600 words. An Amelia Book Series


____Nathan and the Mysterious Shoe Box,  A little boy brings a large shoe box to school for show and tell. The other children try and guess what is in the box by asking questions. Length: 400 words


____The Last Snowman Of Winter, Joshua doesn’t want winter to end.  When winter holds on one more time, Joshua and his dog, Katie, set out to make a snowman. Each day Joshua watches his Snowman get smaller until finally it really becomes The Last Snowman Of Winter. Length: 850 words


____Amelia And The Fireless Breathing Dragon,  Amelia is back again, this time she sets out to fight the dragon who is destroying Avondale. But she finds a dragon who has lost his fire. They make a deal: Amelia helps the dragon get his fire back, and the dragon helps guard Avondale from the fierce dragon. Length: 1700 words


____Michelle’s New School, When new student, Michelle Bourque arrives at Grant Elementary School the other students make fun of her because she speaks a different language. But when the teacher makes the students ask her questions in English and she answers them in French they both learn a few things about tolerance. Complete with English and French words in the Index. Length: 900 words


____ Friendly Rivals, Two young boys vie for the Grand National Championship in Go Kart racing. Will Casey Martin’s desire to win make him do something illegal to win the race? Length: 850 word


_ ____Oscar P Bugg, Oscar’s hilarious adventure searching for food and the wild encounters he faces. Length: 700 words


____Erica’s Choice,  (A screen play) When a Christian student finds out the star Quaterback has stolen the answers to a history test, she must make the decision to tell or keep quiet. Considered the smart kid in school with no friends, Erica literally runs into the star basketball player sending books flying. She noticed he had the answers to the History test they were going to take. Realizing they were gone, Mr. Mills says whoever has the test or knows about it should return it or fail the class. Erica must decide to tell who had the test or risk getting a failing grade.  Length  1670 words


_____Matt, Me and the UFO Machine, When two friends known for playing practical jokes on their town find a dead body in the woods no one would believes them. So when the dead body starts chasing them in the gym, it is the townspeople who had the last laugh. Length: 1800 words